Section 12-16-57

Master list.

(a) The jury commission for each county shall compile and maintain an alphabetical master list of all persons in the county who may be called for jury duty, with their addresses and any other necessary identifying information. This list may include all registered voters, persons holding drivers' licenses and registering motor vehicles, and may include other lists, such as lists of utility customers and persons listing property for ad valorem taxation, which will include persons whose listing will foster the policy and protect the rights provided in Sections 12-16-55 and 12-16-56. The list shall avoid duplication of names. The list shall be reviewed and corrected and new names added from time to time, but at least once every four years.

(b) Whoever has custody, possession or control of any lists used in compiling the master list shall make the list available to the jury commission for inspection, reproduction and copying at all reasonable times.

(c) The master list shall be open to the public for inspection at all reasonable times.

(Acts 1978, No. 594, p. 712, §3.)