Section 12-16-70

Names of prospective jurors provided from master jury list; preparation of list; summons.

When jurors, grand or petit, are needed for court, the judge, or where there are more than one, then any one of the judges of the court, shall at a time within his or her discretion, but at least 20 days prior to the date on which the prospective jurors are to serve, draw or cause to be provided from the master jury list compiled pursuant to Rule 40, Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration, the names of prospective jurors in a number the judge deems sufficient to obtain the juries needed for the period for which the names are drawn; provided, however, if prior to the date of service, it appears that an insufficient number of prospective jurors summoned will be available to constitute the juries for the period for which they were summoned, the court shall cause the names of additional prospective jurors to be provided and to be summoned for service forthwith.

The names so provided shall be forwarded forthwith to the clerk of the court who shall retain possession thereof without disclosing to anyone the names drawn nor any list thereof. Not less than 20 days before the day the prospective jurors are to first appear in court for service as jurors, the clerk shall make a list of names drawn, showing the date on which the prospective jurors shall appear and in what court they shall serve and shall enter opposite every name the residence address, and may include, for informational purposes to counsel, the occupation of the person and his or her place of business, and the Administrative Office of Courts shall forthwith summon the persons named thereon by any means authorized by law to appear and serve as jurors. The accuracy of any information which might be furnished to counsel shall not be grounds for challenging a verdict rendered by a jury.

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