Section 12-16-74

Hearing of excuses, claims of exemptions, etc.; drawing, swearing and empaneling of grand and petit jurors.

The court shall require the names to be called from the venire list of all persons who have been served with a summons to appear in court that day for service as jurors and whose service has not been previously excused or postponed. The court may hear any excuses not previously heard and shall pass upon the qualifications of those in attendance for grand jury service. The court may in any case, including capital cases, excuse or postpone the service of any prospective juror outside the presence of the parties and their counsel in accordance with the provisions for excusal contained in Section 12-16-63.

If a grand jury is to be empaneled, the court shall draw from the venire list on a random basis the names of 18 persons qualified and in attendance who shall be sworn and empaneled as the grand jury. If a petit jury is also to be empaneled, all qualified persons remaining whose service is not excused or postponed shall be sworn as petit jurors. If no grand jury is to be empaneled, all persons appearing who are qualified and not excused or whose service is not postponed shall be sworn as petit jurors. The court shall then cause to be randomly compiled a master strike list containing the names of all petit jurors so sworn as jurors.

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