Section 12-17-1

County court personnel serving district and circuit courts to become employees of state; court personnel subject to benefits and regulations of merit and retirement systems; settlement of disputes regarding which persons are court personnel.

(a) County personnel. - All full-time county personnel, including all persons for whom funding is provided by the unified judicial budget, serving the district and circuit courts, other than sheriff's deputies and employees and building maintenance and security personnel, shall become employees of the State of Alabama on October 1, 1977. No such personnel so employed as of August 26, 1976 shall be deemed to be ineligible to continue as an employee of the respective courts by virtue of or by operation of the provisions of Section 41-1-5, nor shall such person be deemed to be in violation of the provisions of Section 41-1-5.

(b) Merit and retirement systems. - Except as otherwise provided by law or rule, all court personnel employed by the state shall be subject to the State Merit System, retirement and other benefits applicable to other state employees.

(c) Determination of controversies as to composition, etc., of court personnel. - Any controversy regarding the composition of that class of persons qualifying as court personnel shall be determined by the Administrative Director of Courts with the advice and consent of the Supreme Court except where such determinations relate to eligibility, membership, benefits or any other question whatsoever related to retirement, such determination shall be made by the board of control of the Employees' Retirement System of Alabama.

(Acts 1975, No. 1205, p. 2384, §7-101; Acts 1976, No. 761, p. 1045.)