Section 12-17-110

Office of register not to be filled when vacancy occurs; reappointment of registers holding office on October 10, 1975; removal of registers.

(a) Vacancies. - When the position of register in any circuit court becomes vacant upon the death, resignation, retirement or inability of the incumbent to satisfy the conditions for reappointment specified in subsection (b) of this section, the vacancy shall not be filled, and the responsibilities and authority of the register shall become the responsibilities and authority of the clerk of the circuit court for the county where the register served.

(b) Reappointment. - A register who:

(1) Holds office on October 10, 1975, and
(2) Is not eligible to retire and receive retirement compensation by reason of age and years of service or by provision of any retirement program in effect on January 17, 1977,

may be reappointed for terms of six years, but no register shall be reappointed after completion of any term during which he becomes eligible to retire and receive retirement compensation; provided, that a register who becomes eligible to retire during a term shall be eligible to reappointment by the presiding judge of his circuit for not more than six additional terms of one year each; and provided further, that until such time as the register becomes eligible to retire and receive retirement compensation, reappointment shall be automatic unless a majority of the circuit judges within the circuit, or by unanimous agreement where there are only two circuit judges, file a written declaration with the Administrative Director of Courts stating that the register shall not be reappointed. At such time, the office shall be deemed vacant under subsection (a) of this section.

(c) Removal. - The register shall be subject to removal by the judge who appointed him for cause by order to be entered at length on the minutes of the court.

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