Section 12-17-114

Duties generally.

(a) It is the duty of the register, within his respective county:

(1) To administer oaths in all cases; to issue all processes from the circuit court as to equitable cases; to make orders of publication for defendants; to grant default judgments for want of answers; to issue attachments and processes of sequestration; to make all interlocutory decrees and orders, not affecting the decision of the controversy between the parties, subject at all times to the control, direction and supervision of the circuit court; and to exercise such other duties as are, or may be, conferred by law, including administrative rules promulgated by order of the Supreme Court of Alabama.

(2) To keep a consolidated docket sheet of all cases filed, in which must be entered the names of plaintiffs and defendants, the names of the attorneys of the several parties, a minute of the time when process issued and was returned, the return thereon and note of all the orders and proceedings.

(3) To issue, within the five days after the decree or order is filed, all process necessary for the enforcement of any orders or decrees made during the term.

(4) To keep all papers, books, dockets and records belonging to his office with care and security, with the papers filed, arranged, numbered and labeled so as to be of easy reference, and the books, dockets and records properly labeled.

(5) To perform all duties concerning absentee voting as set out by the election laws.

(6) On application, and the payment of the legal fees therefor, to make out and deliver to any person a correct transcript, properly certified, of any paper or record in his office.

(b) Any register in the circuit court who fails to perform any duty imposed on him, for the failure to perform which no other punishment is provided, shall, on conviction, be fined not exceeding $200.00.

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