Section 12-17-146

Return of contributions to other plans.

(a) All contributions of circuit clerks or registers heretofore made to county or state supernumerary or retirement funds shall be refunded to the contributor if election is made to come within the supernumerary plan set out in this division.

(b) When an active circuit clerk or register has been granted a refund of his or her contributions to a county supernumerary program and has cancelled membership in the program as provided in subsection (a), the circuit clerk or register may purchase up to 10 years of prior service credit in the state circuit clerks or registers supernumerary program for prior service as a county tax collector. Credit for the prior service in the state supernumerary program shall be granted when the purchaser pays to the circuit clerks or registers supernumerary fund prior to October 1, 2000, the full cost of the prior service credit as actuarially determined by the Administrative Office of Courts.

(Acts 1975, No. 1205, p. 2384, §7-118; Act 99-580, §1.)