Section 12-17-221

Submission to Office of Prosecution Services by district attorneys of estimates of amounts needed for personnel and office expenses for fiscal year; form and contents thereof; submission to Legislature by Office of Prosecution Services of unified budget request for funding of offices of district attorneys.

(a) Each district attorney shall submit to the Office of Prosecution Services 60 days prior to each general session of the State Legislature a written report containing an estimate in itemized form showing the amount needed for personnel and office expenses for the year beginning October 1,1978, and each fiscal year thereafter. Each district attorney shall calculate his estimated budget according to the population and case load of his judicial circuit. Each such estimate shall itemize the expenditures required for the district attorney submitting it for his assistants as follows:

(1) Salaries of assistant district attorneys;

(2) Salaries of secretarial and clerical staff;

(3) Salaries of investigators; and

(4) Salaries for any other personnel or other law enforcement expenses.

(b) The form of such reports shall be prescribed by the Office of Prosecution Services and shall be uniform.

(c) The Office of Prosecution Services shall, based upon the various budgets submitted to it by the district attorneys pursuant to subsection (a) of this section, compile and submit to the State Legislature a unified budget request for the funding of the office of district attorney of the several judicial circuits in the manner consistent with other state agencies.

(Acts 1977, No. 632, p. 940, §2.)