Section 12-17-226.15

Advisory board.

If a district attorney establishes a pretrial diversion program under this division, the district attorney may form an advisory board within the county or judicial circuit, which may be known as the Citizens Justice Advisory Board for Pretrial Diversion, for the purpose of assisting the district attorney in the determination of appropriate pretrial diversion candidates. The district attorney shall retain the final decision as to the admittance or denial of individuals into the pretrial diversion program, the fees, the guidelines of the program, and any resources the pretrial diversion program utilizes. The district attorney shall appoint all members of any advisory board and shall determine when or if it should meet. The board shall be inclusive and reflect the racial, gender, geographic, urban and rural, and economic diversity of the circuit. The advisory board shall serve without personal profit, but may be paid from the District Attorney's Solicitor Fund for actual expenses incurred in connection with its duties.

(Act 2013-361, p. 1290, §16.)