Section 12-17-226


For purposes of this division, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

(1) ADMINISTRATION FEE. A fee imposed by the district attorney as a condition precedent to participation in a pretrial diversion program.

(2) COMMUNITY SERVICE. Work imposed as a condition of a pretrial diversion program that is intended for the common good of the community or to assist in restoration of the victim. Community service should further serve to rehabilitate an offender.

(3) DISTRICT ATTORNEY. The district attorney of the judicial circuit or his or her designee, so designated to fulfill the goals, purposes, and objectives of this division.

(4) LAW ENFORCEMENT or LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER. As defined in Section 41-8A-1 or 36-25-1, whether employed in this state or elsewhere.

(5) OFFENDER. Any person who has been charged with a criminal offense, including, but not limited to, any felony, misdemeanor, violation, or traffic offense, as defined in the Code of Alabama 1975, which was alleged to have been committed in the jurisdiction of the State of Alabama.

(6) PRETRIAL. The term includes, but is not limited to, any moment within or during the disposition of a criminal or quasi-criminal action.

(7) PRETRIAL DIVERSION PROGRAM or PROGRAM. A voluntary option that allows an offender, upon advice of counsel or where counsel is waived in a judicial process, to knowingly agree to the imposition by the district attorney of certain conditions of behavior and conduct for a specified period of time upon the offender which would allow the offender to have his or her charges reduced, dismissed without prejudice, or otherwise mitigated, should all conditions be satisfied during the time frame set by the district attorney as provided in the agreement.

(8) RESTITUTION. As defined by Section 15-18-142, and may also include, but not be limited to, any extraordinary cost incurred during the investigation or prosecution by a law enforcement agency or the district attorney.

(9) SERIOUS PHYSICAL INJURY. As defined in Section 13A-1-2.

(10) SUPERVISION FEE. Any fee other than the administration fee imposed by any agency providing supervision or treatment of an offender.

(Act 2013-361, p. 1290, §1.)