Section 12-17-230

Established; purpose.

(a) The Office of Prosecution Services is hereby established.

(b) It shall be the purpose of the Office of Prosecution Services to assist the prosecuting attorneys throughout the state in their efforts against criminal activity in the state. Such assistance may include:

(1) The obtaining, preparation, supplementing and dissemination of indexes to and digests of the decisions of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals of Alabama and other courts, statutes and other legal authorities relating to criminal matters;

(2) The preparation and distribution of model indictments, search warrants, interrogation advices and other common and appropriate documents employed in the administration of criminal justice at the trial level;

(3) The preparation and distribution of a basic prosecutor's manual and other educational materials;

(4) The promotion of and assistance in the training of prosecuting attorneys;

(5) The provision of legal research assistance to prosecuting attorneys;

(6) The provision of such assistance to law enforcement agencies as may be lawful; and

(7) The provision of such other assistance to prosecuting attorneys which is necessary for the successful implementation of this article or which hereafter may be authorized by law.

(Acts 1975, No. 1037, p. 2079, §1.)