Section 12-17-263

Notice to Administrative Director of Courts of intention to become supernumerary magistrate; payment of percentage of salary earned as judge or magistrate; oath of office; appointment of supernumerary magistrate to fill vacancy.

A former magistrate electing to come under the provisions of this article shall notify the Administrative Director of Courts in writing of his intention to become a supernumerary magistrate. He must also pay to the State General Fund an amount equal to six percent of the salary earned each year in his capacity as magistrate or as a judge of an inferior court. Upon receipt of a former magistrate's application for a supernumerary appointment, the Administrative Director of Courts shall notify said applicant within 60 days of the receipt of said application and of the amount of the contribution due to be paid to the State General Fund. Such supernumerary magistrates of the district courts in the various counties of the State of Alabama shall take the oath of office prescribed for magistrates and if a vacancy shall occur in the office of magistrate in the county in which said supernumerary magistrate holds a commission, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court may immediately appoint such supernumerary magistrate to fill said vacancy and such supernumerary magistrate so appointed shall immediately assume and exercise all of the duties, powers and authority of such official in said county, without further compensation, until a permanent successor is appointed or is otherwise selected.

(Acts 1988, No. 88-313, p. 475, §4.)