Section 12-17-270

Appointment; qualifications; term of office; removal.

Each of the judges of the circuit courts of this state shall appoint a competent person to perform the duties of official court reporter of the courts in the circuit over which said judge presides. No two or more judges shall appoint the same court reporter. The official court reporter shall be an officer of the court and within his circuit shall have power to administer oaths and shall hold office at the pleasure of the judge, who shall have power to remove said official reporter at any time. The court reporter shall not be related to the trial judge within the fourth degree of consanguinity or affinity, and any appointment of a court reporter so related to the trial judge within the prohibited degree shall be void. The provisions of this section shall not apply to circuits which consist of only one county and have three or more than three judges.

(Acts 1920, No. 124, p. 164; Code 1923, §6733; Code 1940, T. 13, §261.)