Section 12-17-274

Compensation; minimum state salary; cost-of-living increase.

(a) The official court reporters shall be paid a salary by the state in such amount as shall be established by law, to be paid as other state employees are paid.

(b) In addition to the salary paid by the state, each official court reporter shall be paid a salary by the counties composing the circuit in such amount as shall be established by law. In circuits composed of more than one county, each county shall pay its pro rata part thereof, based on the assessed tax valuation of all property in such county for the preceding year. The payments shall be made in favor of such official court reporter for the respective amounts due by the several counties each month and shall be paid by the treasurer of each county out of the general fund.

(c) This section shall not be construed to repeal or amend any local law, special law, general law, or general law of local application providing extra allowances, compensation, or expenses, for any official court reporter paid from the funds of any county or counties.

(d) Beginning on October 1, 1997, the state salary of all official court reporters not covered by the Merit System of the State of Alabama shall be thirty-eight thousand two hundred and sixty-three dollars and fifty-nine cents ($38,263.59) per year.

(e) In the event a cost-of-living pay raise bill for all state employees is enacted during the 1997 Regular Session of the Legislature, then no official court reporter who receives any increase in compensation under the terms of this section shall be entitled to such cost-of-living increase granted in any law granting a cost-of-living pay raise.

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