Section 12-17-275


The official court reporter shall attend in person, except as otherwise herein provided, the sessions of court held in the circuit for which he is appointed, and in every case, where directed by the judge or requested by a party thereto, he shall take full stenographic notes of the oral testimony and proceedings, except argument of counsel, and note the order in which all documentary evidence is introduced, all objections of counsel, the rulings of the court thereon and exceptions taken or reserved thereto. When directed by the judge, he shall attend the investigations of the grand jury and there take such notes of the testimony as directed by the district attorney or foreman. The original stenographic notes of such court reporter in each case or proceeding officially reported shall be preserved by him and treated as a part of the records of the respective courts, and upon his retirement from office, shall be turned over to the clerks of such courts. In cases where the testimony is taken orally before the judge, the court reporter, whenever ordered by the judge, shall transcribe his stenographic notes of such oral testimony and file the same.

(Acts 1919, No. 302, p. 268; Code 1923, §6734; Code 1940, T. 13, §262.)