Section 12-17-68


Each district judge shall be compensated by the state at a salary in the amount established by the judicial compensation commission or by the legislature pursuant to Constitutional Amendment No. 328; provided, that district judges serving one county, in those counties in which county courts, general sessions courts and other courts of inferior jurisdiction, except municipal courts, exist on January 16, 1977, shall each receive a supplemental salary from the general fund of such counties in an amount sufficient to maintain their total salaries at the same relationship which the salaries of the judges of said courts of inferior jurisdiction bear on January 16, 1977, to salaries of circuit judges in their respective counties.

Notwithstanding the foregoing provision for supplemental salary for district court judges, any county may, by local act already enacted or hereafter enacted, pay a district judge or district judges a supplemental salary from the general fund of such county in excess of the supplemental salary provided for by this section.

(Acts 1975, No. 1205, p. 2384, §4-114.)