Section 12-17-93


Clerks of the circuit court have authority:

(1) To administer oaths and take acknowledgments and affidavits in all cases in which the authority to administer such oath or take such affidavit is not confined to some other officer.

(2) To appoint deputies, with full power to transact all business of such clerks, such deputies first taking an oath to support the Constitution and laws of this state and faithfully to discharge the duties of deputy clerks of the court for which they act.

(3) To receive the amount of any judgment entered in the courts of which they are clerks, either before or after the issue of execution thereon.

(4) To exercise such other powers as are, or may be, conferred by law, including administrative rules of procedure promulgated by order of the Supreme Court of Alabama.

(Code 1852, §651; Code 1867, §771; Code 1876, §676;Code 1886, §767; Code 1896, §933; Code 1907, §3271; Code 1923, §6723; Code 1940, T. 13, §197.)