Section 12-17-94

Duties generally.

(a) The duties of the clerks of the circuit court include all of the following:

(1) To sign and issue all summons, subpoenas, writs, executions, and other processes, under the authority of the court.

(2) To keep a consolidated docket sheet of civil and criminal cases, the names of the parties, the character of action or offense, the names of the attorneys and the sheriff's return, which shall be entered in all civil and criminal cases standing for trial, in the order in which they are brought, and the bench notes, orders, rulings on motions and pleadings, other preliminary matters and final judgment which have been made in each case by the judge, which shall be the official minutes.

(3) To keep all papers, books, dockets, and records belonging to their office with care and security, with the papers filed, arranged, numbered, and labeled, so as to be of easy reference, and the books, dockets and records properly lettered. Parties shall be allowed to inspect the records free of charge.

(4) To make out and deliver, on application and payment of the legal fees therefor, to any person applying for the same, a correct transcript, properly certified, of any paper or record in their offices.

(5) To exercise such duties as are, or may be, conferred upon them by law, including administrative rules promulgated by order of the Supreme Court of Alabama.

(6) To monitor compliance with court orders issued by a state court which assess court costs, fines, and other related court-ordered money against criminal defendants and to utilize accounts receivable systems and other procedures, including notice processes, to ensure payment of court-ordered money.

(b) Any clerk of any circuit court who fails to perform any duty imposed on him or her, for the failure to perform which no other punishment is provided, shall, on conviction, be fined not exceeding $200.00.

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