Section 12-18-132

Retirement benefits.

With the exception of justices of the Supreme Court and judges of the appellate courts, circuit courts, and district courts who assumed office prior to July 30, 1979, and who are exempted from Section 12-18-40, and this article, the retirement pay or benefits of any justice or judge qualifying for service retirement pursuant to this article shall be based and computed on the final salary received from the state at the time of his or her retirement in accordance with the percentage rate now prescribed by law. The retirement benefits of justices and judges who have 25 years of creditable service based on nonjudicial service which has been transferred to the Judicial Retirement System shall be calculated pursuant to Sections 12-18-111, 12-18-112, or 12-18-113, as applicable.

(Act 98-295, p. 481, §3.)