Section 12-18-3

Appropriation of moneys by Legislature for Judicial Retirement Fund; payment of state contributions to fund in event of failure of state to appropriate moneys, etc., for fund.

The Legislature from time to time shall appropriate sufficient moneys out of the General Fund of the State Treasury to sufficiently provide for the provisions of this chapter. The amount paid from the General Fund into the Judicial Retirement Fund annually shall not be less than the yearly contributions paid by all members.

Should the Legislature fail to appropriate moneys or sufficient moneys for the Judicial Retirement Fund, then the contributions from the state out of the General Fund to be paid into the Judicial Retirement Fund shall be paid out of moneys appropriated to the account designated for salaries of supernumerary justices and judges; provided, however, that such payments shall not adversely affect the amounts paid to any supernumerary justice or judge.

(Acts 1973, No. 1163, p. 1948, §11.)