Section 12-18-33

Surviving spouses' election to obtain benefits under provisions of Article 1 of chapter; payment to Judicial Retirement Fund by surviving spouse at time of election.

The surviving spouse of any justice or judge, active or supernumerary, who died at any time before the expiration of one year from October 1, 1976, is authorized to elect to come under the provisions of Article 1 of this chapter and obtain the benefits thereof for spouses. Such election is to be manifested in the same manner and within the same time provided in Sections 12-18-30 through 12-18-32 for the election by a supernumerary justice or judge; except, that in cases of death of justices or judges, active or supernumerary, during the last six months of the year following October 1, 1976, an election by a surviving spouse shall be made within six months from the death of the deceased justice or judge.

The surviving spouse must, at the time of making the election, pay into the Judicial Retirement Fund a sum which would equal the amount required in this article to be paid by a supernumerary justice or judge electing at the time to come under the provisions of subsection (c) of Section 12-18-10.

(Acts 1975, No. 1205, p. 2384, §6-114.)