Section 12-19-10

Local purchasing procedures.

In order to facilitate the prompt purchase and delivery of equipment, clerical office supplies, court forms, stationery and other printed court supplies, hereinafter referred to as "clerical office supplies," used by and in the offices of circuit judges, district judges, circuit clerks, district clerks, registers, court administrators, official court reporters, magistrates and jury commissions, the presiding circuit judge of each judicial circuit is hereby authorized to administer local purchasing procedures within such judicial circuit and each county thereof as provided in this section.

(1) Not more than 90 days prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, each circuit judge, district judge, circuit clerk, district clerk, register, court administrator, official court reporter, magistrate and each jury commission shall submit to the Administrative Director of Courts a written estimate of the costs of clerical office supplies anticipated to be needed and used for the efficient operation of such court office of such court official during the next fiscal year. The Administrative Director of Courts shall thereupon review each such estimate and shall determine and allocate to each such court office, on a quarterly basis, the amount of funds approved and set aside within the funds appropriated to the Unified Judicial System for the purpose of requisitioning and purchasing such clerical office supplies for each such court office. No such court office shall requisition and purchase such clerical office supplies in excess of the quarterly allotment therefor.

(2) The circuit clerk of each county shall be the local court purchasing agent, hereinafter referred to as the "court agent," to purchase clerical office supplies for the various court offices within such county; provided, that the presiding circuit judge may designate by instrument in writing such additional court official or officials within the county as local court purchasing agent or agents for any court office or offices other than the office of the circuit clerk. Such clerical office supplies may be requisitioned and purchased on requisition and purchase order forms provided by the Administrative Director of Courts as follows: The court agent shall submit requisitions and purchase orders to the Administrative Director of Courts for his prompt approval therefor in writing; and upon such approval, the court agent shall then purchase such clerical office supplies by delivering such requisition and purchase order to the appropriate vendor for delivery of such clerical office supplies to the court agent together with an itemized invoice therefor. No further approval shall be necessary to authorize the purchase of such clerical office supplies nor obligate funds and the payment therefor notwithstanding any provision contained in Chapter 4 of Title 41 of this code. Upon the receipt of such clerical office supplies and the itemized invoice, the court agent shall promptly execute a material receiving report, approve in writing such invoice for payment and, together with a copy of the requisition and purchase order, forward all such documents to the Administrative Director of Courts, who shall deliver such documents to the state Comptroller for the prompt payment thereof out of funds appropriated to the Unified Judicial System. Each purchase of clerical office supplies by the court agent shall be in conformity with the state competitive bid laws.

(Acts 1978, No. 821, p. 1207, §5.)