Section 12-19-137

Claims for payment of witness fees to be presented within three months from date of collection by clerk; payment of claims.

Any person entitled to such witness fees shall present his claim for payment to the court clerk within three months from the date of its collection by the clerk, by presenting the witness certificate or by filing an affidavit showing its loss and his right and title to the payment, and said court clerk, upon such presentation, shall pay out of state funds to the person presenting said claim the amount shown to be due him.

All claims for witness fees shall be forever barred after three months from the time such fees are collected and subject to disbursement.

(Code 1923, §7245; Acts 1939, No. 33, p. 34; Code 1940, T. 11, §56; Acts 1975, No. 1205, p. 2384, §16-146.)