Section 12-19-171

Schedule and distribution of fees - Juvenile and criminal cases in district and circuit courts.

(a) The following docket fees shall be collected for juvenile and criminal cases in the district court and the circuit court:

(1) District Court:

a. Traffic infraction $92.00
b. Issuance of alias writ 20.00
c. Misdemeanor-violation 117.00
d. Felony guilty plea 185.00
e. Preliminary hearing 30.00
f. Bond forfeiture 65.00

(2) Circuit Court:

a. Issuance of alias writ 30.00
b. Misdemeanor 117.00
c. Felony 185.00
d. Bond forfeiture 65.00

(3) Docket fees for cases in the juvenile division of the district court or circuit court shall be assessed at eighty-five dollars ($85) and shall be distributed as follows:

a. Sixteen dollars ($16) to the Fair Trial Tax Fund.

b. Forty-nine dollars ($49) to the State General Fund.

c. Ten dollars ($10) to the county general fund.

d. Five dollars ($5) to the Peace Officers' Standards and Training Fund.

e. Five dollars ($5) to the Advanced Technology and Data Exchange Fund.

(4) Uncollected court costs in juvenile cases may not be assessed as charges against the county.

(b) A fee of eight dollars ($8) shall be collected for the issuance of each witness subpoena. Witness subpoena fees shall be in addition to docket fees. The subpoena fee shall be distributed as follows:

(1) Five dollars ($5) to the county general fund.

(2) Three dollars ($3) to the State General Fund.

(c) Effective October 1, 2000, the docket fees in criminal and juvenile cases shall be increased by five dollars ($5) and the additional fee shall be deposited into the Fair Trial Tax Fund.

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