Section 12-2-18

Institution and maintenance of safety programs and precautions for security and protection of judicial building, etc., authorized; designation of marshal, assistant marshals, etc., as conservators of peace and powers thereof; payment for uniforms, arms, etc., of marshals, etc.

(a) In connection with the security and protection of the judicial building and those sites other than the judicial building when the Supreme Court so meets, the Supreme Court is authorized to institute and maintain safety programs and precautions.

(b) The marshal, assistant marshals, deputy marshal and other personnel designated by the Supreme Court are made conservators of the peace and shall have the power to make arrests and serve subpoenas.

(c) The uniforms, arms and other equipment of such marshals and other personnel so designated by the Supreme Court maybe paid for from any funds appropriated to the Supreme Court.

(Acts 1975, No. 1205, p. 2384, §6-101.)