Section 12-2-20

Purposes for which appropriations may be used.

The Supreme Court is further authorized and empowered to use moneys or funds appropriated to it, including, but not limited to, the moneys appropriated for the administrative fund, advisory committee work and judicial education, for any judicial purposes the Supreme Court may direct, including, but not limited to, the preservation, acquisition, framing and repair of portraits, pictures, murals, photographs, resolutions and orders of the court, historical documents and archives; the publishing of books, pamphlets and other publications; the use of consultants; expenses of visiting jurists and other judicial or legally related individuals who are performing services to the courts of this state; ceremonies; and seminars and conferences pertaining to courts and the administration of justice for justices, judges and court-related personnel within or outside the state, and the clerk of said court is authorized to direct payment for all expenses connected therewith, including, but not limited to, meal meetings; provided, however, any law to the contrary notwithstanding, fees authorized by law, court rule or order for certificates, documents, and any other copies of the court records of the Supreme Court shall be paid by the Clerk of the Supreme Court into the administrative fund and shall be expended therefrom on the monthly written requisition of the chief justice as an allowance for the office of the Chief Justice not otherwise provided by law: Provided further however, such allowance shall be and is hereby limited to the amount of such fees collected and paid into said administrative fund.

(Acts 1975, No. 1205, p. 2384, §6-106; Acts 1983, No. 83-744, p. 1225, §17.)