Section 12-21-105

Certificate of notary, etc., as to presentment for acceptance, etc., of instrument governed by commercial law.

The certificate of a notary public under his hand and seal of office or of any other authorized person under his hand and seal of the presentment for acceptance or demand of payment or protest for nonacceptance or nonpayment of any instrument governed by the commercial law or of service of notice of such presentment, demand or protest and the mode of giving the same and the reputed place of residence of the party to whom the same was given and the post office nearest thereto is evidence of the facts contained in such certificate.

(Code 1867, §1089; Code 1876, §1336; Code 1886, §1110; Code 1896, §3030; Code 1907, §5171; Code 1923, §9247; Code 1940, T. 40, §11.)