Section 12-21-133

Interpreters for persons defective in speech and/or hearing - Duty of handicapped person; provisions cumulative.

It shall be the duty of any handicapped person described in Section 12-21-131 who desires the services of an interpreter as provided in Section 12-21-131, or his or her attorney of record to make known in writing to the presiding judge before whom such case is to be tried or heard, at least 30 days prior to or immediately upon the setting of such case, that such an interpreter is needed during the trial or hearing, so that said presiding judge can have sufficient time to comply with the provisions of Section 12-21-131, thus expediting the proceedings of said court in an orderly manner. Sections 12-21-131 through 12-21-134 shall not prevent any court from selecting and using interpreters as now provided by law, but are cumulative in providing additional means for obtaining qualified interpreters.

(Acts 1965, No. 799, p. 1499, §3.)