Section 12-21-182

Proceedings upon failure of subpoenaed witness to attend and remain.

(a) Any witness who, after being subpoenaed, fails to attend pursuant to the mandate of the subpoena and remain until his testimony is given or he is discharged forfeits $100.00 to the use of the party summoning him, and the attendance of such witness may be compelled by attachment.

(b) A conditional judgment must, on motion of such party, be entered against such witness and a notice issued to him that such judgment will be made absolute unless he appears within 30 days from the date of the service of such notice and renders a good excuse for his default; and, if he fails to appear and render a satisfactory excuse for his default, such judgment may be made absolute or reduced, as the court may direct.

(c) Witnesses failing to attend court may make their excuse by affidavit, or viva voce, in open court, which the court must hear at any time, unless engaged in the trial of a case, and, if the excuse is sufficient, release the party from any fine imposed, without the payment of costs.

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