Section 12-21-67

Proof of exemplifications or copies of records, etc., kept in public office.

Exemplifications or copies of records and records of deeds and other instruments or of office books, or parts thereof, and official bonds which are kept in any public office in this state shall be proved or admitted as legal evidence in this state by the attestation of the keeper of said records or books, deeds or other instruments or official bonds that the same are true and complete copies of the records, bonds, instruments or books, or parts thereof, in his custody, and the seal of said keeper thereto annexed, if there is a seal (if there is no official seal, there shall be attached to such attestation the certificate of the clerk), and the seal of the circuit, district or municipal court of the proper county where such keeper resides that such attestation is genuine and made by the proper officer.

(Code 1923, §7709; Code 1940, T. 7, §423.)