Section 12-21-8

Destruction of exhibits offered and received in evidence.

The registers and clerks of the circuit courts of this state are authorized to and may destroy all exhibits offered and received in evidence in civil cases on or after the expiration of one year from the final disposition of such cases; provided, however, that such destruction shall not be accomplished until it has been approved by the presiding judge of the circuit; provided further, that prior to destruction of the exhibits, the clerk shall notify the party who offered the same into evidence that said exhibits may be obtained within 30 days from the clerk if the offering party so desires. The authority given by this section shall authorize the destruction of such items as certified copies of hospital records subpoenaed by the parties, depositions of parties and witnesses, subpoenas for witnesses, paper exhibits, bulky exhibit items or such other similar items of evidence; provided, however, that such itemization shall not be deemed to be all inclusive; provided further, that after the expiration of the appeal period in such cases and before such destruction, any party at interest, or counsel for such party, may permanently remove and withdraw such exhibits offered by such party upon the execution of an appropriate receipt therefor, which receipt shall be signed and recorded on the consolidated trial docket sheet of such case.

(Acts 1975, No. 1047, p. 2103, §1.)