Section 12-21-98

Certificates and transcripts as evidence of land title and facts.

All certificates issued pursuant to any Act of Congress by any county commission, register of a land office or by anyone authorized by law to issue such certificate, upon any warrant or order of survey or for any donation or preemption claim, vest the legal title in the holder or his assignee and must be received as evidence of such title; and all transcripts of any official book, official entry or other document pertaining to any land office in this state, certified by the register of such land office, must be received as prima facie evidence of the facts contained in such transcripts so certified in all the courts of this state.

(Code 1852, §2292; Code 1867, §2691; Code 1876, §3043; Code 1886, §2782; Code 1896, §1813; Code 1907, §3980; Code 1923, §7678; Code 1940, T. 7, §390.)