Section 12-22-198

Appeals from denial of petition or where parts of record ordered transcribed deemed inadequate.

(a) Any defendant or petitioner who has filed a petition under the provisions of this division and which petition is denied by the trial court, or if parts of the record ordered to be transcribed are deemed to be inadequate by defendant or petitioner, said defendant or petitioner may, within 10 days from the order of the trial court, file a notice of appeal with the clerk of the trial court from the order denying the petition or from the order deemed inadequate in specifying the parts of the transcript of the evidence to be forwarded to the appellate court on appeal, and such notice of appeal shall specify with particularity wherein the defendant or petitioner considers himself aggrieved by the order of the trial court, whereupon the trial judge shall cause to be certified and transmitted, to the Court of Criminal Appeals in cases wherein the punishment is 20 years or less and to the Supreme Court in cases where the punishment exceeds 20 years, the file of the trial court in said proceedings to obtain a transcript and record containing the petition and reports made in writing to the court, the court reporter's estimate of the cost of the transcript, the estimate of the clerk of his fees incident to an appeal, a certified copy of the order or orders entered by the trial court and other relevant papers pertaining to the petition, together with an opinion or statement of the trial court, as the trial court shall deem necessary. Upon receipt of said court file by the Court of Criminal Appeals or the Supreme Court, such court shall proceed to determine the matter of whether or not a transcript of the evidence and a complete record on appeal should be ordered, prepared and filed and paid for as provided for in this division and shall enter such judgment as in its opinion should have been entered below, or such appellate court may remand such proceedings to the trial court for further proceedings as said appellate court may deem proper.

(b) Such proceedings in the appellate court shall be docketed and filed as other appeals and shall be considered and disposed of without delay. The defendant filing said petition in the trial court shall have the right to file such brief and argument as he so desires; and, in like manner, the state may file such brief and argument. There shall be no costs or charges attending said appeals.

(Acts 1961, Ex. Sess., No. 62, p. 1930, §10; Acts 1963, No. 525, p. 1129, §9.)