Section 12-22-222

Stay of proceedings on judgment; admission of defendant to bail; proceedings on failure to appear.

(a) If the defendant is in the custody of the sheriff and the order allowing the writ directs a stay of proceedings on the judgment, the sheriff must, on being served with the clerk's certificate that the order has been filed and with a copy of the order, keep and detain the defendant in his custody, without executing the sentence which may have been passed on his conviction, to abide the judgment that may be entered on the writ of error.

(b) If the conviction is for an offense which is not punished capitally or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years, the judge or court must also direct the clerk of the court in which conviction was had to admit the defendant to bail in a sum which may be prescribed by the court, with sufficient sureties, conditioned for his appearance at the next session of the court in which the conviction was had and, from session to session thereafter, to abide such judgment as may be entered on the writ of error.

(c) If the defendant fails to appear according to the undertaking, a writ of arrest must be issued and the same proceedings be thereon had as are prescribed by Sections 12-22-244 and 12-22-245, and the same proceedings must be had on the forfeited undertaking as on the forfeiture of other undertakings of bail in said court.

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