Section 12-22-244

Duty of defendant on bail to surrender upon affirmation of conviction or dismissal of appeal.

When the defendant in a case of misdemeanor or felony is sentenced to hard labor, imprisonment or to the penitentiary, gives bail pending the appeal and the judgment of conviction is affirmed or the appeal is dismissed, he is bound by the undertaking of bail to surrender himself to the sheriff, at the county jail, within 15 days from the date of such affirmance or dismissal. If he shall fail to do so, the sheriff must endorse the bail bond forfeited, and a writ of arrest must be issued by the clerk; if not executed, another must be issued, and so on until the judgment has been executed. If the defendant is taken on such writ or if he shall surrender himself to the sheriff, the sentence must, without delay, be carried out as if no appeal had been taken.

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