Section 12-22-3

Judgments or decrees of abolished courts of record.

If a court of record ceases to exist by reason of the repeal of the statute creating it and, while existing, rendered a judgment or decree from which an appeal would lie, within the time prescribed by law, an appeal therefrom may be taken by filing a notice of appeal with the clerk or register of the court to which the unfinished business or the records of such inferior court may be transferred as if such judgment or decree had been rendered in the court having the jurisdiction of such unfinished business or the custody of such records. In the event of the reversal of such judgment or decree, the remandment of the case must be to the latter court.

(Code 1876, §§3919, 3920; Code 1886, §3618; Code 1896, §435; Code 1907, §2847; Code 1923, §6089; Code 1940, T. 7, §753.)