Section 12-23-7

Mandatory drug testing at own expense for person convicted of alcohol or drug-related offenses and placed on probation or parole; treatment for persons who fail test; indigents not required to pay.

Any person who is convicted of an alcohol or drug-related offense and who is placed on probation or parole shall be required to participate in an alcohol or drug testing program at his own expense, unless he is determined to be indigent. Any such person who fails the alcohol or drug test shall be required to:

(1) Provide information needed to conduct a treatment assessment;

(2) Complete the recommended treatment; and

(3) Pay for the assessment, treatment and alcohol or drug testing unless the court finds he is indigent.

Any person who fails to complete treatment and pay for it shall be charged with violation of probation or parole; provided, however, that indigents shall not be required to pay for treatment or monitoring provided by court referral officers.

(Acts 1990, No. 90-390, p. 537, §7.)