Section 12-25-31

Statement of purpose.

(a) It is essential that Alabama manage its criminal justice system in the manner best able to protect public safety and make the most effective and efficient use of correctional resources. Based on the findings and recommendations of the Alabama Sentencing Commission, the Legislature finds that all of the following are necessary to protect public safety by providing a fair, effective, and efficient criminal justice system:

(1) Voluntary sentencing standards used to guide judicial decision makers in determining the most appropriate sentence for convicted felony offenders.

(2) The abolition of traditional parole and good time credits for convicted felons.

(3) The availability of a continuum of punishment options.

(b) The Legislature further finds, based on the findings and recommendations of the sentencing commission, that subdivisions (1) to (3), inclusive, of subsection (a) are necessary to best achieve all of the following goals:

(1) Incapacitating through incarceration the most dangerous and violent offenders in the state.

(2) Eliminating unwarranted disparity in sentencing.

(3) Assuring truth-in-sentencing.

(4) Providing the most effective use of correctional resources.

(5) Assuring the greatest opportunity for victim restitution.

(6) Protecting against prison and jail overcrowding.

(7) Maintaining meaningful judicial discretion.

(Act 2003-354, p. 948, §2.)