Section 12-25-35

Use of voluntary sentencing standards.

(a) In felony cases, a probation officer, the district attorney, or some other person appointed at the discretion of the sentencing judge, and within the time frame set by the judge, shall, after notice to the offender or his or her attorney, present a completed appropriate voluntary sentencing standards worksheet to the sentencing judge for consideration.

(b) The trial court shall review the sentencing standards worksheet and consider the suitability of the applicable voluntary sentencing standards established pursuant to this article. In imposing sentence, the court shall indicate on the record that the worksheet and applicable sentencing standards have been reviewed and considered.

(c) In any felony case in which the trial court imposes a sentence that departs from the voluntary standards, and sentences outside the voluntary sentencing standards in accordance with existing law, the court may provide a brief written reason for the departure. Neither the departure nor the reason stated for the departure shall be subject to appellate review but shall be supplied to the commission for future consideration concerning modification of the voluntary sentencing standards and for statistical purposes only.

(d) Copies of the voluntary sentencing standards worksheets, prepared pursuant to this article, shall be subject to the same distribution requirements as presentence investigation reports.

(e) Following the imposition of a sentence in a felony case, the clerk of the court in which the case was disposed shall forward a copy of the sentencing order or orders, a copy of the voluntary sentencing standards worksheets prepared in the case, and a copy of any departure explanation to the commission within 45 days after the imposition of sentence.

(f) Failure to follow any or all of the provisions of this section, or failure to follow any or all of the provisions of this section in the prescribed manner, shall not be reviewable on appeal or the basis of any other post-conviction relief.

(Act 2003-354, p. 948, §6.)