Section 12-25-37

Post-release supervision.

(a) An offender sentenced based on the voluntary truth-in-sentencing standards is released from incarceration to post-release supervision on the date equivalent to the expiration of the minimum term of sentence plus any additional time added by the Department of Corrections on the offender's extended term of sentence. In no event, however, shall an offender's initial release date be later than the date equivalent to the extended term less the time equivalent to the period of post-release supervision.

(b) An offender may not refuse post-release supervision.

(c) An offender whose offense was committed after the effective date of the voluntary truth-in-sentencing standards but whose sentence of active incarceration was a departure from the standards, shall be released to post-release supervision one year prior to the date calculated as the end of the offender’s sentence.

(d) Before an offender is released to post-release supervision, the Board of Pardons and Paroles shall design a release plan to reintegrate the offender into society and to further hold the offender accountable for his or her offense by collecting restitution and other court indebtedness.

(e) Post-release supervision shall be provided by probation and parole officers or other officers designated by the Board of Pardons and Paroles.

(Act 2003-354, p. 948, §9.)