Section 12-25-8


The commission shall have the power to perform the functions as necessary to carry out the purposes of this article and may delegate power to any member or designated person. The commission may do all of the following:

(1) Submit appropriation requests to the Legislature.

(2) Serve as an agency to apply for and receive grants, donations, or other monies from public or private sources and to coordinate and conduct studies in connection with any of its purposes and functions.

(3) Enter into and perform contracts, leases, cooperative agreements, and other transactions as may be necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the commission, with any public agency, or with any person, firm, association, corporation, educational institution, or nonprofit organization.

(4) Accept voluntary and uncompensated services.

(5) Request information, data, and reports from any Alabama agency or judicial officer as the commission may from time to time require and as may be produced consistent with other law.

(6) Hold hearings, conduct fact finding tours, and call witnesses to assist the commission in fulfilling its responsibilities.

(7) Perform other functions as may be necessary to carry out this article.

(Act 2000-596, p. 1192, §8.)