Section 12-3-26

Powers and duties of clerks.

Each clerk shall have the authority and it shall be his duty:

(1) To administer oaths and take affidavits;

(2) To issue and sign all writs and process of every description, issued under the authority of the court;

(3) To keep in regular order the papers, dockets and records of the court;

(4) To keep dockets as prescribed by the courts;

(5) To enter from day to day the judgments and proceedings of the courts; and

(6) To have the transcripts of the records of all cases, with a copy of the orders made and of the final judgment or order in each case, and the manuscript opinions of the courts decided at such term, properly preserved so as to show the term at the end of each term. Such transcript and copy of the orders and of final judgment and the manuscript opinion of the court shall constitute the record in each case.

(Acts 1969, No. 987, p. 1744, §29.)