Section 12-3-3

Election and term of judges of Court of Civil Appeals.

(a) The offices of the judges of the Court of Civil Appeals that were filled at the general election in 1972 for terms of two, four and six years pursuant to Act No. 987 of the 1969 Regular Session of the Legislature shall, at the general election immediately preceding the expiration of said respective terms, be filled by election from the state at large for terms of six years, and shall likewise be filled by election from the state at large each six years thereafter, or as the end of the term of each such office may thereafter occur pursuant to the Constitution.

(b) In the event the number of judges on the court is increased to more than three, unless otherwise provided by the act increasing the number of judges, the Governor shall make appointments of the additional judges so that, as nearly as may be, one third of the members of such court shall be elected each second year.

(Acts 1969, No. 987, p. 1744, §22.)