Section 12-5-13

Coordination of functions and duties of administrative personnel of trial courts or local court systems; transfer and direction of expenditure of moneys appropriated to certain state agencies and courts.

(a) In connection with the administration of justice within trial courts or within local court systems, the Administrative Director of Courts shall coordinate the functions and duties of administrative personnel, including court administrators and court administrative aides to judges, so that the overall administration of justice may function with efficiency and cooperation.

(b) The Administrative Director of Courts is authorized to direct the expenditure of moneys appropriated to the Administrative Director of Courts, Administrative Office of Courts, Department of Court Management or to any account for trial courts, circuit courts or district courts for any and all functions or projects directly or indirectly affecting the operation of any court, the administration of justice or continuing education for judges and court-supportive personnel and may transfer moneys appropriated for such office, department or accounts to any one or more of such other accounts, office or department.

(Acts 1975, No. 1205, p. 2384, §11-106.)