Section 12-5A-10

Operating expenses; inventory of county-owned property; election to transfer property to state; county to provide office space, etc.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, the operating expenses for the employees and positions covered by this chapter shall be paid by the state from funds appropriated annually to the Unified Judicial System from the Juvenile Probation Services Fund beginning on October 1 of the year of transition for counties having a population of 99,000 or less according to the 1990 federal decennial census. The expenses shall include, but not be limited to, the salary and expenses of all eligible employees and positions, training and education for juvenile probation officers and other staff, research, equipment, supplies, and state administrative staff. Staff and administrative expenses of juvenile detention facilities and shelter care facilities are specifically excluded from the assumption.

(b) Upon the effective date of this chapter, the Administrative Director of Courts shall forthwith inventory all county-owned property primarily being used by those employees covered by this chapter at the time of its passage in counties having a population of 99,000 or less according to the 1990 federal decennial census. The inventory shall include all equipment, furniture, and supplies utilized in the operation of the juvenile probation offices, with the exception of any county-owned automobiles. The inventory shall indicate where the property is located, the type and classification of property, its age, its purchase or estimated purchase cost where actual cost data is not available, and the county or other government agency possessing title prior to state assumption. The juvenile probation officers and staff shall provide assistance in the formulation of the inventory as requested by the Administrative Director of Courts. The Administrative Director of Courts shall submit the inventory to the county commission for its review and consideration and the county commission shall, within 60 days after receipt thereof, elect in writing to transfer the property to the state or to retain ownership of the property and agree to be responsible for its maintenance and replacement.

(c) Office space and utilities, except long distance telephone service, for all employees in positions covered by this chapter shall continue to be provided and maintained by the counties.

(Act 98-392, p. 782, §11.)