Section 12-8-7

Chief Justice authorized to obtain statistics, etc., from court officials; forfeiture by court officials failing to furnish information requested; preparation by Chief Justice of forms to be filled out and submitted by court officials; statistics, etc., compiled by Chief Justice to be made available to conference.

(a) The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is authorized and empowered to obtain from court officials, including clerks, registers, judges and court reporters, statistics, data and other factual information which he may deem advisable pertaining to the courts, the work of such court officials and any other phase of the work of such officials pertaining to the administration of justice or the operation of the courts or their offices, at such times as he may deem advisable.

(b) For the failure of any court official to furnish such information as may be requested from said court official by the Chief Justice, such court official shall forfeit $100.00 to the state to be recovered on complaint by the district attorney of any court of record of the county in which the court official resides, in the name of the state, such court official to have three days' notice of such complaint.

(c) The Chief Justice is further authorized and empowered to prepare forms for such court officials to fill out and submit to him in accordance with his direction.

(d) The statistics, data and other factual information submitted to and compiled by the Chief Justice shall be made available by the Chief Justice to all members of the conference for their use in carrying out the duties imposed upon them by this chapter.

(Acts 1961, Ex. Sess., No. 74, p. 1949, §6; Acts 1971, 3rd Ex. Sess., No. 118, p. 4343.)