Section 12-8-8

Chief Justice may direct use of appropriated funds by conference, etc.; application for grants and other assistance for conference.

(a) In connection with any of the duties and work of the Judicial Conference, including the study of the courts of the state, the Chief Justice is authorized and empowered to direct that any funds appropriated for consultant study or similar purposes to the Supreme Court and any funds appropriated for the Judicial Conference may be used in connection with studies and other work of the Permanent Study Commission on Alabama's Judicial System, the Judicial Conference and/or the Department of Court Management, in whole or in part.

(b) The Chief Justice is further authorized and empowered to apply for grants and other assistance to any public or any private entity and to take any and all necessary steps and actions pertaining to the same in connection with the duties and work of the Judicial Conference.

(Acts 1971, 3rd Ex. Sess., No. 118, p. 4343.)