Section 12-9-7

Assistance of commission by Legislative Reference Service and by law institute; appointment, etc., of research analyst and other employees; employment and compensation of consultants and experts.

(a) The Alabama Legislative Reference Service shall provide such assistance to the commission as the commission may request. The Alabama Law Institute is authorized and empowered, at its discretion, to assist the commission and to use any funds appropriated for its use to assist the commission in its functions and purposes.

(b) The Chief Justice may appoint and dismiss a research analyst for the commission who shall perform other duties as directed by the Chief Justice and who shall be subject to the merit system only as to pay plan and who may be paid from any funds appropriated to the Supreme Court or Judicial Conference or any other department or agency of the state which may be headed by the Chief Justice, as the Chief Justice may direct. The Chief Justice may also designate other employees for the commission in the same manner with like authority, discretion and direction.

(c) The executive committee of the commission shall have the right to employ and fix the compensation of consultants and experts to assist the commission in connection with its functions and purposes.

(Acts 1971, No. 2337, p. 3768, §6.)