Section 13A-10-30


(a) The definitions contained in Section 13A-10-1 are applicable in this article unless the context requires otherwise.

(b) The following definitions are also applicable to this article:

(1) CUSTODY. A restraint or detention by a public servant pursuant to a lawful arrest, conviction or order of court, but does not include mere supervision of probation or parole, or constraint incidental to release on bail.

(2) DETENTION FACILITY. Any place used for the confinement, pursuant to law, of a person:

a. Charged with or convicted of a criminal offense; or

b. Charged with being or adjudicated a youthful offender, or a neglected minor or juvenile delinquent; or

c. Held for extradition; or

d. Otherwise confined pursuant to an order of court.

(3) PENAL FACILITY. Any security correctional institution for the confinement of persons arrested for, charged with or convicted of a criminal offense, including but not limited to the following security facilities: the state penitentiary and any branch thereof or any county or city jail.

(4) CONTRABAND. Any article or thing which a person confined in a detention facility is legally prohibited from obtaining or possessing by statute, rule, regulation or order.

(Acts 1977, No. 607, p. 812, §4601; Acts 1978, No. 770.)