Section 13A-11-204

Residential limitations on criminal sex offenders in Class 1 municipalities.

(a) This section shall only apply in a Class 1 municipality.

(b) No adult or unrelated juvenile criminal sex offender shall establish a residence or other living accommodation in a residence where another criminal sex offender resides whose name appears on the Jefferson County Sheriff's official published sex offender list.

(c) The owner or lessee of the property who knowingly, willingly, or intentionally permits a violation of subsection (b) shall be fined five thousand dollars ($5,000) for each violation and those fees, once collected, will be distributed to the Birmingham Police Department Sex Offender Unit.

(d) The owner or lessee of the property shall not be in violation of subsection (b) if the sex offender is the spouse or child of the owner or lessee or if the spouse or child is the owner or lessee of the property.

(e) The owner is not in violation where the application for a lease or the lease itself provides a signed statement by the lessee that the lessee is not a convicted sex offender.

(Act 2007-450, p. 929, §§1, 2.)